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Our Next Generation Supplier program is our enhanced approach to supplier sustainability. We use new tools and technologies and an innovative collaboration model to help suppliers deliver better results for people in their workplaces and for the planet we all share.

Telur Bebas Kandang


A Subsection of the Mars Animal Welfare Position

Since 2011, Mars uses 100% cage-free eggs for all human food products (e.g., confectionery, rice products and sauce) in Europe. In 2016, Mars further committed to using 100% cage-free eggs for all human food products in the US, Canada and Australia by 2020.

We are on track to meet this commitment in the US and Canada. However, due to challenges in the marketplace, we will achieve 100% cage-free eggs in Australia by 2025.

Melindungi Rencana Aksi Anak

At Mars, cocoa is at the heart of our company’s long heritage and an integral ingredient in our beloved chocolate products. We know a sustainable cocoa sector is essential to ensure we can continue to provide chocolate for future generations of chocolate lovers in a manner that protects human rights in cocoa farming communities. For decades, we have worked in collaboration with others toward achieving sustainable cocoa production and a cocoa supply chain where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, human rights are respected, and the environment is protected.


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CA Supply Chain Act


At Mars, we believe everyone touched by our business should be treated with fairness, dignity and respect. We are a global, principles-driven company seeking to promote and advance respect for human rights across our value chain — from farms to our suppliers’ factories to our own workplaces.

The Sweetest Moment with Maudy Ayunda

Jakarta, January 9th, 2018 – Love is more meaningful than thousands of words, express our love with special moment money can’t afford – Konser Kasih dari Dove. Featuring with Maudy Ayunda, DOVE® Chocolate invites consumers to join #KasihSayangKasihDove digital competition at Instagram and win the tickets. DOVE® Chocolate encourage consumers to celebrate love and appreciation to the loved ones by giving them DOVE® Chocolate special heart tin package, to show them how meaningful they are, and it truly comes from the heart.


Kebijakan Ikhtisar Pencegahan Penebangan Hutan

The world's forests don't just provide us with ingredients for our products — they're basically the lungs of the planet. We know we have not just a big impact on the world, but a responsibility to make sure we do right for the many communities where we work and live. We source many of our key ingredients from tropical countries, and we’ve taken bold action to prevent deforestation and its impact on local communities.